Privacy Policy

Internet Privacy and transactions directive
BElectronics and the under her management executed website V-Division ( respect and safeguard the personal integrity of everyone who visits our website.
The information gathered on you will be used principally so that we can provide you with what you are searching for, and secondly to improve our services and products.

Gathered information will not be released to anyone outside, our resellers and any other partners who provide you with a service on our behalf unless the product or service you acquire from us in its nature requires us to share such information to be able to perform the service you requested.
The information will be treated in accordance with relevant legislation with regard to personal data protection and may initially be stored or processed, within or outside the European Union, anywhere in the world.

In case you have specific questions about these Privacy and transaction directive, please send an email with your questions to

The General Terms and conditions which are applicable to the contents and use of our website can be found on our website as well.

What information is collected by
In general, you can visit the website without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself at all. There are times, however, when we may need information from you, such as your name and address, type of Volvo you own, the VIN (Chassis number) or any other information required to be able to serve you best.

We will only collect personal information that can be directly associated with you after you have completed a Internet registration process OR if you send us a direct email inquiry from where we feel it is required to ask you such information.

Even before registration we will collect anonymous information about how you have used the Website and how you found the products on our site which you are buying from us. This is a normal, and common procedure for any website on the Internet. The information collected does not personally identify you but may be helpful for us to improve our website and information on there.

Obvioulsy several personal details about you will be stored in case you proceed with a checkout on our website. This data is required for us to be able to register, handle, ship and support you and your order in the best way. Of course we do not use any of that information for any other purposes than handling your specific order and support on that order.

What are Cookies?
There is a technology called "cookies" which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a Website. A cookie is an element of data, a file which is nothing but a line of text, which a Website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. Some pages use cookies so that we can better serve you when you return to our Site. For example a cookie might help you to avoid having to re-enter data you have given us before.

You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it.

What are Customer Profiles (Account / Login)
Every registered customer has a unique personal profile. Each profile is assigned a unique personal identification number, which helps us ensure that only you can access your profile.

When you register, we create your profile, assign to you a personal identification number, then might send this personal identification number back to your hard drive in the form of a cookie. This code is uniquely yours. It is your passport to seamless travel across many of the Websites. This might allow you to visit Sites without having to fill out multiple registration forms with information you've already provided. Even if you switch computers, you won't have to re-register - just use your Registration ID to identify yourself.

Your customer profile might also be used to customize what you see on the Website to meet your personal preferences and settings. (Or better : to see only products relevant for your Volvo!)

How do I correct information about myself?
The Website operates with registration pages that allow you to review and update the Personal Information you have submitted.  Just log-in and change whatever required.

Website and internet security
The Internet is not a secure system by it selves and you should always be cautious about the information you disclose whilst on-line.

Personal Information collected by is stored in secure operating environment that is  available for authorised staff only. In some cases, for example handling PayPal Transactions, iDeal transaction or when transferring Credit Card numbers, Information is encrypted by SSL before you conduct your transaction. has chosen not handle financial transactions her selves, but have professional 3rd parties handle those transactions.

To register or not to register?
If you do a purchase on we feel it is smart to create an account (login) with us. We connect possible communications in advance of your order and after the purchase to your profile so any staff member of is able to communicate professionally and adequately with you.

If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you will in most cases still be able to use most of the website. However you will not be able to access areas that require registration.

At your specific request we can remove your account (login) from our systems at first possible chance we have, we will inform you after performing so by email.

If you opted-in for our news letter, you will receive information and news.

We strongly advise our customers to opt-in, so that you receive important information about updates, upgrades and more in time.

We generally don’t send more than 1 email to our clients in a month. We don't send spam-like messages.