Adds Auxiliary (3.5mm jack), Bluetooth music (with steering wheel controls) or iPod input to any Volvo HU radio offering a high-end audio playback solution.

How does it work

The iMIV LE Plus connects to the Melbus network of the audio system. The HU radio listens on the network and activates the required additional sources (CD/C-TV) to enable music playback.
Once the source is selected on the HU Radio, high end audio playback is available trough the HU Radio, using the settings (Bass/treble etc) and the original amplifier from the Volvo.

Installation requirements

For installation; a HU type of radio is required, RTI navigation is not allowed for this set.

Supported Volvo's:

S60    2000-2009 with any HU Radio

S80    2000-2006 with any HU Radio

V70    2000-2007 with any HU Radio

XC70  2000-2007 with any HU Radio

S40    2000-2004 with any HU Radio

V40    2000-2004 with any HU Radio

Any other Volvo with a HU Radio type.

Supported HU radio's :


Supported Navigation systems :
Volvo DVD-RTI navigation (Camera fully supported, plug-and-play)

Volvo HU Navigation (HU-1205), does NOT support reversing camera, acts as normal HU Radio.

Volvo CD-RTI navigation *1 (Camera supported)

*1 Requires CD-RTI connector to be bought seperately, pins from DVD-RTI connector need to be moved over to CD-RTI connector.

Set contents :

iMIV LE+ Unit
Power harness
Melbus cable (Connection from iMIV LE+ to HU )
iPod cable
Bleutooth dock

ALL plug-and-play, no soldering/cutting required!

Melbus Product is connected to the Melbus of your Volvo. The Melbus is the network made available by the HU Radio in your Volvo.
Development status
Final, no more development other than bugfixes Product is final. No updates are expected. (Product is shipped with latest firmware, matching your Volvo's HU Type)

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iMIV LE Plus (Aux, Bluetooth music) (BE-541)

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