Delivery Information

Shipment after payment confirmation.
Unless agreed upon otherwise, shipments only go out after your payment is confirmed by the finance third party (Paypal, iDeal broker, Bank etc).
So, it can be that you already ordered and paid for an order and still do not see a payment confirmation from our webshop. Most of the times, it takes a few minutes, sometimes it takes a few hours, we do not have any influence on that.

Procedure within
After received payment information, the order you made will be checked against any possible error of mismatch to your car (based on either previous information or just our experience and logic). In case of doubt, you will be contacted as soon as possible to get confirmation.
After that the order will be printed, produced or picked, checked/tested/programmed , packed and shipped.

In some cases another person than the packer will check and test the order. This could result in additional time required before shipping, but results in a good and tested shipment to you!

Shipping parties
Generally we ship with DHL, Fedex or Post NL parcel service. chooses either one of these parties based on experience; best time efficient, fast and secure way to get the parcel in your hands. If we feel it is appropriate to use a different shipper than the previous mentioned, we will do so.

In case client has chosen free shipping (above Euro 250,= ex vat) , has the right to choose the financially most efficient shipper of the above mentioned.
In such case, delivery can take up to 5 days MORE than a normal shipment!

Orders placed and with payment confirmation in before 15:00 hours are generally shipped the same day. Therefore shipments within the Netherlands and to Belgium generally arrive the next business day.
Shipments do Germany, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom, generally take 1-2 working days additionally. (So 3-4 days in total)
For any other countries; shipping time required are different per country, from 2 days to 5 days normally, especially if customs is involved.
(Creating customs documents is performed automatically by our systems, so we can ship out with the same speed as any other shipment, please realize that your local Customs office might hold the package for a day or 2 for inspection or to check contents against the values mentioned on the produced documents!)

In case (a part of) your order has to be manually produced or we need to order a part from a third party, usually 1 additional day will be added to the total shipping time. We will generally not inform you, in such case, unless we foresee a delay longer than 1 production day.

In rare cases, shipments sent out by us on Friday will only be handled by our shipper on Saturday or later which results in a Tuesday delivery (For Netherlands) and an additional day for international clients.

At the moment of shipping (or: the moment we generate the shipment sticker) you will receive a tracking id from the shipper we’ve chosen for your order.
In case you did not receive any shipment information in your normal email box, please check your SPAM box!

Delivery Instructions / Mailbox delivery
Unfortunately we can not put any delivery instruction on the shipment tags.
Also “delivery in the garden please if not home” can not be done, all our orders are shipped with insurance and a signature of the recipient is required!
Packages will be delivered with your neighbors, IF the local  delivery agent is technically capable of that service and IF those neighbours are willing to sign for the shipment AND if the local postal laws allow such a delivery.
Within the Netherlands, shipments to a PO-Box is possible, but not for “rembours” shipments.

Rembours Shipments
For rembours shipment, you will have to pay cash to the shipper, please make sure you have the exact amount available. (No change-cash might be available with the delivery driver!)
Not all shippers do have a PIN Machine available in their delivery trucks!