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About V-Division.com
The company started in 2005, after a search for a good connection possibility to play music from a third audio playing device to the HU radio. At that time there was nothing on the market. Finally an adapter was developed to hookup to the HU and that adapter (in ultimate form) is still being produced.
The owner of the company was being called a Volvo-Techie because of the work on electronics on Volvo’s already. Although our official company name is different, it became common sense to us the name VolvoTech for our website.
After 12 years of being "VolvoTech.EU" we decided to start using the VolvoTech name for a technical forum and move our company name/website for sales to V-Division (Volvo Devision).

Meanwhile our services go far beyond from what we started with. We develop and supply several parts for Volvo, making connections to your Volvo etc. We create and supply electronics, do extensive searches for electronic failures in Volvo’s, develop, produce and supply can bus function extenders, engine tuning, repair RTI navigation computers and screens, you can ask us anything as long as it has to do with electronics in your Volvo! We don’t want to be expensive, but honest, straight forward, practical and functional for your Volvo.

You will find a phone number on our website. Since we want to keep our prices as low as possible, our staff is limited to technical staff and one administrator. We cannot answer the phone frequently due to that reason! having technical staff answering phone calls would not work either; simply because the majority of our day would be claimed by phone calls instead of supplying support and services to our clients. This might seem unhandy, but in the end it assures that we are available to all Volvo drivers globally within a few hours, if they write us an email or use our ticketing system.

Obviously you will find our phone number(s) on a business card shipped with your order and on any invoice and packing slip. You’re more than welcome to call us if you are installing and need support!
We're also happy to call YOU in case you leave your phone number in an email or ticket and ask us to make a service call to you!

We will take appropriate time to answer your email within a few hours generally (!) and can adequately answer if you provide us with following information;
- Type of Volvo which concerns the question
- The Model year of the Volvo
- The Type of audio installed in your Volvo (is printed on the Audio unit or is readable if you switch it off and on)
- If there is a original Volvo Navigation system (Volvo RTI) installed
- Any wishes you have, preferably in normal text (not in products please, just explain your wishes)

Installation and pickup
We have multiple installation locations to our availability. If you have an appointment for installation, you will receive a digital calendar invitation to confirm that appointment, in there you’ll find all required details like Installation-address, what do we install – confirmations, phone number etc. Please read those carefully and please plan your trip carefully to be in time at your appointment.
Pickup of any order can be done practically always (even in weekends and evenings), but only at appointment also.

Relation with Volvo?
VolvoTech.EU, V-Division.com and her owners have no relation with Volvo (except from the extreme “love” for the brand of course), Apple and any other brands mentioned on our website. We respect those brands and there identities. All trademarks mentioned on the website are their respected properties. Generally you can find the owner of identities by looking at the name of the brand of a product.

info@v-division.com (24x7)

+31 (0) 6 1908 3165
Tu-Sa 10:00 - 18:00 Amsterdam time (Sunday/Monday closed!)